CG is now looking for a Junior Concept Artist!

Junior Concept Artist

Creators Guild is looking for a talented and self-motivated Concept Artist to join our growing team.

We are looking for someone who is still fairly new on their path to becoming a character/concept designer. Students, newly grads, hobbyist and even experienced professionals are welcome to apply. The type of employment (part time/full/contract/intern) is negotiable.

A portfolio/samples of your work is required so we may see if your art style is something we can work with. This person understands the value of the production schedule and how to fit project goals within it.

The Junior Concept Artist will work with the Guild to fulfill three main tasks::
-Develop and conceptualize the visual looks of Characters, Props, and Environments of intellectual properties currently in development.
-Create illustrations for digital content and marketing.
-Improve and increase their artistic skills and knowledge during their time in the Guild.

-A portfolio that showcases character and prop design in both digital and traditional media.
-Avid knowledge and experience of Adobe Photoshop and some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.
-A consumer-facing platform or product with your artwork, ex. a social media account with your art as the main content (minimum 1 year active), a webstore that sells products with your art on it (must be able to show proof of sales). If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask.
-The ability to tell a story through different forms of communication.

Pluses (Not required but would be nice)
-You do all your art on adobe illustrator.
-You are able to clearly narrate stories through a specific type of media/platform
-Knowledge or experience with any 2D animation software
-Knowledge or experience with any 3D Modeling and animation software.
-You like anime, video games, and mythology.

Please don't forget to fill the "Introduce yourself" portion, treat that as the Cover Letter section.

Apply Here: Facebook Job Application