I don't like small talk or talk at all. Actions are always louder than words. My body is what forms my actions so I will always keep it in optimal condition and will keep my mind sharp so the way I express myself is always meaningful. I like to experience everything in life so my soul will be enriched. Balance within myself is all I commit myself to.



5' 5"

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Name: Koko

Profession: Chef & Personal Trainer


  • Breaking personal gym records.
  • Cooking soul but no eating it.
  • Studying Bio-Chemistry

Favorite Color: Black & White

Makes everything look effortless

Koko floats like a butterfly and stings silently like an assassin bee trained for a 100 years.

Chubby and jiggly. The best description of Koko during her childhood. Books, video games and sweets were all that surrounded her during her free time while obese jokes, nicknames and flying objects engulfed her school time. She never could understand why everyone made fun of her. She would study so hard and stay at the top of her class, bring snacks for others and try to invite others to play games with her.

"Ooh look fatty brought more snacks to eat in front of everyone!"
"What a nerd!"
"She has no friends so all she does is study, what a loser"

She finally got fed up with herself and decided to change herself completely before she got in High School.

Everyone who knew her was in shock when they first saw her walk through the halls of freshmen year. Skinny, dolled up and dressed like a model. She definitely got the attention of all the popular guys and girls. Her high school life was full of partying and getting wasted with the popular girls and dating all the hot guys one after the other. She decided to drop out before the end of her Senior to go on the road with her older boyfriend who became a famous Dj.

Her nights were full of blurry lights, loud music, and plethora of consumable substances. Her boyfriend was sleeping with anyone who he wanted to while passing her around like some sort play toy to make his crew and aquaintances happy.
"I mean, you're sexy as hell but you're kinda dumb and useless"

She finally escaped this life (a long story for another day) and decided to dedicate herself to one thing, "Balance." The mastery of her body, richness of her soul and the optimal state of her mind, these were the only things she cared about. Oh, the fourth thing to that list was 'herself.'

Now she makes everything look effortlessly easy. She shows little to no emotions and only shows her appreciation to someone by completing a full sentence.


  • DIY Videos
  • Space with good camera lighting
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Form fitting clothing


  • Too much of one thing
  • Handouts or anything free
  • Handouts

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