I would love to travel, meet people, enjoy festivals and see magnificent places! But.. a lot of things can happen. My plane could crash, someone could die, the earth could blow up. All the fears of life dwell within me and hold me back from enjoying life to the fullest. Music is the only thing that can calm my mind and bring me on adventure where I won't break down and cry. I will fight my fears and woes so I can share the magic of music to those who's lives it may better.



5' 10"

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Name: Nanami

Profession: Audio Engineer/Sound Designer


  • Listening to all types of Music.
  • Visiting new Boba Places.
  • Recording unique and interesting sounds.
  • Secretly likes dancing but is too embarassed

Favorite Color: Lavender/Purple

Shy & Self-Conscious

Nanami has the soul of an adventurer but the spirit of a cat surronded by pickles.

In her childhood days, Nanami would be the first one to volunteer for any demonstration, the first one to speak up when a classmate was doing something wrong to another, the one with all the ideas of where to go after school.

This all lasted for a very short period in her life. The first time she volunteered for a demonstration was during P.E. Class where the teacher was teaching them to do pull up on a old pull-up bar which came undone while Nanami was attempting her first pull up. She fell back and tried to turn around and stop her fall with her left arm but ended up snapping her elbow into the opposite direction. The first time she spoke up against a bullying classmate was when a girl kept drawin on the back of a boy's shirt and calling him names. Nanami confronted her in front of everyone and she immediately stopped and was extremely embarassed. She never came back to school after that. Some say she moved, other heard that she ran away, and other thought of worst situations.

Time after time, Nanami's adventurous experiences were met with sadness, misfortune and misery. The harshness and pains from the experiences early in her life sliced away her adventurous soul till there was nothing but frightened, self-conscious and traumatized little girl.

As she grew older, the misfortune and traumatic experiences followed her everywhere she went. Music seem to be the only thing that allowed her to adventure out to another world without hurting herself or someone else.

Music gave her a second wind in her downward spiriling young life. Now, she makes every effort to gain back her adventurous soul and to fight her bodies' fears of life in order to reach out to people who could be saved and comforted by music like she was.



  • Interesting and new sound effects used in movies and music
  • Multi-colored drinks
  • People with odd talents/skills
  • Recycling


  • Crowded areas
  • Open toed shoes
  • Overgrown facial hair

mikwerdna x Creators Guild


Listen to the soundtrack inside Nanami's Soul. Let the music take over and bring you to a place of bliss.

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