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8:00 pm - Group of 4 Tickets: Aimei's Escape Room

$ 140.00

This product is sold out

This is to purchase 4 tickets to our Escape Room event in collaboration with Mission Escape Games Anaheim. 

For parties of more than 4 players, please add this to your cart. This is good for the first 4 players in your party, then please go to the extra ticket page to add the rest of the party: https://www.creatorsguild.co/products/extra-ticket-aimei-escape-room-8pm

Time Slot: 8pm

Game info:
Mission Escape Games Anaheim "Escape the Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber (Aimei Edition)"
Location: 400 Disney Way #313, Anaheim, CA 92802
Capacity: 4-8 Players
Theme: Horror
Teams: Private (You will not be grouped with any other groups).

You were invited to Aimei's super creepy, fun and safe Soiree! When you arrive to party, you immediately notice that there are no signs of celebrating, lights or even people! You enter what seems to be an abandoned and creepy house hoping to find answers. The doors lock behind you and a TV turns on with Aimei explaining how she sent you to her psychopathic ex boyfriend's house who will return in an hour to kill you. Why did she send you there? For entertainment, duh!

You must arrive 15-20 mins before your time slot!
All players will receive some exclusive giveaways and a chance to get some exclusive merchandise.

Please include your email & phone when creating an account to purchase so we may contact you with game changes.

*Due to this One-day special event, we cannot issue any REFUNDS*

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